Management of Components

The ASL KanBan system provides a total material controls service for any type of small components, consumables and fasteners with no involvement from the customer other than consumption.

The ASL KanBan system is commonly used as a catalyst for change in procurement methods. Typically an O.E.M. will discard, eventually, all small component suppliers, and resource the items via the ASL KanBan system. Providing there is adequate usage, there are no limits to the product ranges.

Some of the benefits

  • Reduced inventory and paperwork in all departments
  • Product rationalisation / Similar parts easily added to the system
  • Flexibility of supply / Demand driven
  • No purchasing administration, scheduling or expediting
  • No goods receiving or inspection
  • No warehousing or sub-store replenishment
  • Full batch traceability to production line
  • Major contribution to continuous improvement
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