Special Products

Advance Spares: Special Products

Advance Spares are a leader in the fastener trade at designing, developing and producing specialised cold formed fasteners and turned parts.

With our network of approved suppliers located globally we are able to produce almost any type of special fastener and supply it to any country in the world.

No size is too big or too small or to long if it needs cold forming we can supply, our plant list is vast and includes Bolt Formers, 4 die 4 blow, 5 die 5 blow, Parts Formers, Nut Formers, SEMS machines and advanced thread rolling machines.

We are able to supply components in Steel, Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and exotic materials.

We can provide CAD drawings and can help with design and development to enable our clients to get the best out of the product we supply.

Please contact us with your requirements so we may offer you a quotation.

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